Code of Conduct

As an association of talent development professionals, SEWI-ATD is committed to creating a community that encourages all of its members to grow personally and professionally. Learning is a social experience, and we look for ways to bring out the best in all of our participants.

We believe that building and sustaining this kind of community requires deliberate, intentional effort from all involved. This Code of Conduct outlines how we expect all our members and attendees to practice and advocate for a community in which talent can truly develop and flourish.

We commit to:

Develop human potential

As a talent development association, our mission is to support each person’s human potential. We believe it is our responsibility to help others reach their own goals through positive, professional, and caring interactions. By supporting the development of others, we contribute to our own professional growth.

Embrace the dignity of each member

Each member of our community brings a unique set of experiences, perspectives, and values. We embrace this plurality as an opportunity to learn from each other. We commit ourselves to acting in a way that honors the human dignity each of us brings to our interactions.

Foster an atmosphere of trust

Our community members build trust by being honest in our interactions. We keep our promises, maintain confidences, and accept responsibility for our actions.

Advocate for a more inclusive community

We all have a responsibility to actively advocate for an inclusive community. We lead by example in welcoming others, encouraging diverse viewpoints, and engaging in respectful dialogue. We believe the only way to fully develop the talent of the communities we serve is by being ambassadors for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In particular, SEWI-ATD is committed to fostering a community that is free from discrimination. Any behavior that discriminates on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, marital or family status, age, or disability is inconsistent with our profession’s mission to develop talent in the workplace.

Be a good member of the profession

SEWI-ATD embraces the Association for Talent Development’s Code of Ethics for talent development professionals, which describes the expectations for personal integrity, professional competence, sound judgment, and discretion for our industry.

Hold each other accountable

The way we respond to violations communicates how seriously we take our commitments to each other, so we ask participants to speak up when they see a failure to fulfill our values. Participants should remind the person of their commitments under our Code of Conduct if it is feasible to do so. If it is not, or if the behavior does not improve, participants should notify the event organizer or a member of the chapter board. Violations of our Code will be addressed based on the specifics of the situation, which may include asking the offender to leave the event or the chapter.

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